Acoustic performance is a major concern for interior designers when creating commercial spaces. With the installation of our PanelHush PET Soundproofing products this is a method for reducing noise in interior spaces by reducing the sound waves that enter a space.

PanelHush PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate, or recycled plastic water and soda bottles), which has emerged as the “go-to” material for sound absorption while providing a fresh colour palette for both aesthetic and sonic design. PET plastic has a felt-like texture.
For interior design projects, soundproofing can substantially improve work environments for both employees and customers. Soundproofing acoustic panels can effectively reduce noise pollution in interior spaces.

The PanelHush PET soundproofing panels are generally attached to the ceiling and walls to absorb noise waves and reduce sound transmission.
Furniture should also be properly positioned within soundproofed interior spaces. Working tables should be at least two feet away from walls when installing soundproofing materials. This minimizes how much sound waves travel through furniture while reducing noise pollution levels at the same time. Along similar lines, office chairs should also be positioned at an appropriate height so that workers don’t sit directly beneath noisy ceiling fans or air conditioners. Improving these conditions creates a more comfortable work environment for employees while reducing noise levels for customers.

To further help soundproof commercial office interiors, acoustic tiles should be considered. These tiles come in a variety of materials and sizes to provide insulation against sound waves, making the office environment a much quieter place. Additionally, these tiles can be arranged in various different patterns to add an aesthetic appeal to the office space.

The acoustic wall or ceiling tiles are easy to install, making the process of soundproofing a commercial office interior much simpler. They can be cut to fit into any space and come in both lightweight and heavy-duty versions. Furthermore, the tiles are designed to be both fireproof and waterproof, adding an extra layer of protection for employees.

Soundproofing can improve work environments for both employees and customers by reducing noise pollution levels in interior spaces. It’s easy to implement when selecting appropriate acoustical materials and positioning furniture away from noisy sources of vibration. Soundproofing also has numerous benefits for project success as it improves comfort, employee happiness and work performance alike.

The key benefits of PET Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Noise-free working and social environments
  • Excellent sound absorption, echo, noise reduction
  • Customisable and creative designs
  • Moisture-proof properties and weather-resistant durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight material with diverse useful implications
  • Heat insulations properties for a controlled indoor environment
  • Quick UK delivery

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