Why PanelHush

Acoustic wall panels and ceiling sound rafts are available under our brand name PanelHush. We offer a wide variety of designs to fit any project and improve your working environment by reducing unwanted room echo and reverberation, with the introduction of PanelHush to your project we can to lessen obnoxious echo noise and reverberation in interior areas.

The PanelHush PET range is a 100% recyclable polyester and environmentally friendly acoustic material, which offers excellent sound absorption and noise reduction properties.

Our range of sound absorption panels, baffles and rafts offer an excellent level of sound absorption is due to the compressed PET felt fibres used for acoustic purposes.

Our PET items are created from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate, or recycled plastic water and soda bottles), which has emerged as the "go-to" material for sound absorption while providing a fresh colour palette for both aesthetic and sonic design. PET plastic has a felt-like texture.

Our PanelHush Fabric Acoustic Sound Absorption Panels are designed and manufactured to offer up to CLASS A sound absorption, which makes them suitable for a variety of settings from the small office environment to more challenging auditorium spaces. PanelHush Fabric sound absorption panels are the ideal solution for community halls, education and healthcare settings, offices, leisure, retail and entertainment spaces where echo reverberation is an issue. Manufactured from a high technology recycled glass wool core material, which meets CLASS 0 Fire Rating Standard BS476 : Part 6, ensures the highest level of H&S is maintained with our PanelHush Acoustic Sound Absorption Panels.

Individually fabric wrapped to your specification, the PanelHush panels can be fitted to ceiling and wall spaces and are supplied complete with all fixing materials. We provide a supply and installation service or supply only to meet your needs.

The panels have been designed in 12mm and 24mm thick wall or ceiling rafts and come in 17 different colour choices.

EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 tests were conducted on the core of the PanelHush PET Acoustic range. Construction product and building element fire classification—Part 1: Classification based on results from reaction to fire tests, Class B

Cleaning is easy, and any light smudges may be taken off with a damp towel. To make sure the surface is not negatively impacted, a small portion should be checked before the region as a whole.

The key benefits of PET Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Noise-free working and social environments
  • Excellent sound absorption, echo, noise reduction
  • Customisable and creative designs
  • Moisture-proof properties and weather-resistant durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight material with diverse useful implications
  • Heat insulations properties for a controlled indoor environment
  • Quick UK delivery

It is simpler to hear and focus during a conversation when acoustic wall or ceiling panels and installed, offices with open floor plans are becoming more and more common, and big open common areas are being integrated into educational facilities, add to this the hard surfaces like marble, glass, and wooden flooring.

These all appear fantastic, but because sound travels and cannot be dispersed, there are issues with reverberation and echo, most sound will be reflected by hard surfaces. The complete sound will continue to bounce off the hard surfaces without being dampened by soft materials, building more sound energy.

PanelHush sound reduction panels can help your environment by reducing unnecessary noise and enhancing your workspace.
We currently provide world-renowned acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are what we create, design, and install. Additionally, we hold inventory at strategic locations, which lessens the environmental impact of filling individual requests.

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