Acoustic Panels to Improve Open Place Office Environments and Flexible Spaces

At many offices, open spaces allow for natural ventilation and daylighting. This natural ventilation allows for fresh air to circulate in the workplace. While this feature is beneficial, there are drawbacks to having open work spaces. For instance, noise from outside the office can interfere with work efficiency- and workers can become distracted by natural […]

Soundproofing Commercial Office Interiors

Acoustic performance is a major concern for interior designers when creating commercial spaces. With the installation of our PanelHush PET Soundproofing products this is a method for reducing noise in interior spaces by reducing the sound waves that enter a space. PanelHush PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate, or recycled plastic water and soda bottles), which has […]

Acoustic Wall Panel Education Class Rooms

A noisy classroom can cause all kinds of problems. Students who cannot understand what their teacher is saying are easily distracted, and their behaviour and academic performance may quickly reflect this. Younger children are more susceptible to poor classroom sound quality as they take longer to follow instructions and are generally more easily distracted.In some […]